ELVES Traction Battery Programme Up and Running

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ELVES, the collective compliance scheme for end-of-life vehicles, are delighted to have rolled out their Traction Battery Programme and associated online training course.

The Traction Battery Programme is available to all Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs or permitted scrapyards) and removes the financial cost associated with the recycling of the large NiMH or Li-ion batteries found in hybrid, electric or mild hybrid vehicles. If an ATF receives a hybrid, electric or mild hybrid vehicle, they can contact ELVES and ELVES will direct them to the correct dismantling information and offer free collection and recycling of the battery.

On top of offering free collection and recycling, ELVES are also providing a free online training course for staff at ATFs to give them a better understanding of hybrid, electric and mild-hybrid technology and the specific risks they may face when handling these batteries. This training is available to all ATFs, is free to access and can be availed of by emailing ELVES with the details of those who wish to complete the training.

Posted on Thursday, 11 October 2018  |  By ELVES