Positive Trend Continues in National ELV Statistics

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The EPA has released the latest analysis on the 2017 ELV (End-of-Life Vehicle) data and has revealed a significant 43% increase in ELV’s treated, compared to the previous year – over 140,000 being recycled in 2017. The data also shows the country has achieved a rate of 85.9% reuse and recycling and 94.6% if you include recovery in the processing of these ELVs.

We are delighted to see that within these latest results the members of the ELVES ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility) network met and exceeded the targets in 2017! Congratulations to all of our ATF members on this achievement.

We would like to think these positive results are an indication of the impact ELVES is having. And although the national target of 95% ELV reuse and recovery was not met in 2017, the upward trend in successive years of ELV recovery, reuse and recycling figures is very promising.

At ELVES we’re continuing to grow our producer membership, and provide the assistance we can to our ATF members in completing their returns and in meeting the sectors’ regulatory obligations and targets. We’re also always looking into new ways to support the work of ATFs such as the provision of the Electric Elves programme – providing training, support and a collection & recycling service for EV (electric vehicle) batteries. This programme is available to both member and non-member ATF’s.

Our advertising campaigns, social media activity and presence at national events are focused on improving citizen awareness of vehicle scrapping - the front line of ELV recovery. Here, on our website we provide a search function to promote our ATF members, where the public can locate and contact the nearest member to them.

A range of stakeholders have played a role in achieving the promising results so far. With continued cooperation, and these positive results, it looks like the country is on the right track in improving the reuse, recycling and recovery of ELVs.

Posted on Thursday, 18 July 2019  |  By ELVES