Stopping the illegal breaking of End-Of-Life Vehicles

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Here at ELVES, a key part of what we do is making sure people know how to properly scrap their old car or small van.  We do what we can to help people understand why they should only use Authorised Treatment Facilities (a scrapyard with a Waste Permit to accept End-of-Life Vehicles) and why they need to get a Certificate of Destruction when they scrap their car.

The winning combination of ATF and CoD, helps ensure your old car is treated properly, protecting the environment, and also ending your responsibility for your vehicle.

The darkside of this system is the illegal breakers, those who operate without Waste Permits, only deal in cash, and have no environmental checks and balances. Without the costs associated with environmental compliance, illegal breakers divert end-life-vehicles away from proper Authorised Treatment Facilities, pollute our environment, and still make the last owner liable for the vehicle. This is why enforcement operations against such illegal sites is so important. 

During 2020, enforcement operations in Fingal have targeted illegal operators, shutting down and clearing sites where illegal collection and stripping of ELVs was taking place. Involving up to 80 personnel in a single operation, the multi-agency approach sees An Garda Síochána, Customs, the Department of Social Protection, the Local Authority and the Waste Enforcement Regional Lead Authority (WERLA) work together to shut down these illegal sites.

You can read more about recent enforcement operations here:

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Posted on Thursday, 3 December 2020  |  By ELVES