So what is ELVES and what does it plan to do?

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ELVES is the collective compliance scheme for End-of-Life Vehicles (ELVs). It has been set up by vehicle manufacturers to improve the recycling of scrap vehicles and help ensure Ireland meets the reuse, recycling, and recovery targets for ELVs.

Under the ELV Regulations and associated European ELV Directive, Ireland needs to meet an ELV reuse, recycling, and recovery target of 95%, with a minimum of 85% needing to be achieve through reuse and/ or recycling. The balancing 10% can be recovery, which typically means in a Waste-to-Energy plant.

The scope of the ELV Regulations is limited to passenger cars (M1 - vehicles with no more than 8 seats, in addition to the driver's seat) and light commercial vehicles (N1 - vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tonnes). 

ELVES will help Ireland achieve its recycling and recovery targets by partnering with ATFs to provide the Network of public drop off sites for scrap cars or small vans. The ELVES Network will be supported by significant education and awareness activities and working with vehicle dismantlers to increase the number and percentage of vehicles recycled and component parts reused. 

Posted on Monday, 23 January 2017  |  By ELVES