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What is a Certificate of Destruction?

A Certificate of Destruction or CoD: 

  • Legally ends your responsibility for your vehicle from the time of issue.
  • Can only be issued by an ATF -Authorised Treatment Facility (a permitted scrapyard).
  • Marks your vehicle as scrapped on the National Vehicle and Driver File (NVDF).


What does a CoD look like?

A CoD can be issued manually or electronically. A sample of both versions can be seen on the right.

A CoD issued electronically:

The ATF enters the vehicle details onto an online system.

The registered owner will receive a printed CoD a couple of weeks later from the NVDF.


A CoD issued manually:

The ATF completes the paper form in triplicate with one copy provided to the person depositing the vehicle at the ATF.


Top Tips...

Proof of vehicle ownership is required e.g vehicle log book and/or ID.

If you have more than three whole calendar months remaining on your tax disc you can claim a motor tax refund (Form RF120).

You should always get a CoD or the vehicle ownership transferred. Without this, you still have responsibility for the vehicle.

Electronic CoD



Manual CoD

Manual CoD