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Why should I recycle my car or small van?

Your old car or van may well be worth money and a permitted scrapyard may offer you payment in exchange for your vehicle – the amount will depend on its age, make and condition.

Scrap vehicles contain a lot of non-renewable resources that should be recycled and used again – over 70% of a car is metal, which is a lost opportunity if not recycled.

Scrap or End-of-Life vehicles contain many materials that can pose a threat to the environment. Hazardous materials such as lubricating oils, break fluids, petrol and lead acid batteries are found in End-of-Life vehicles and need to be removed, stored and disposed of responsibly to ensure they don’t cause environmental harm or pose a health and safety risk.

To find out more about the process of recycling an ELV see our Report:

Recycling and Recovery of End-of-Life Vehicles in Ireland

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