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How to Scrap (Recycle) your Car or Small Van

1. Search for your nearest vehicle recycling facility:

Enter your nearest town in our Find a Recycler tool above and click Search.

2. Choose a vehicle recycler:

You will be shown your nearest vehicle recyclers in the ELVES Network, whether they offer a collection service, their contact details, location and open hours.

3. Drop your car off or have it collected by your chosen recycler:

When you deliver your car to the recycler – or have it picked up – the recycler will issue you with a Certificate of Destruction.

The Certificate of Destruction shows that you have had your car recycled and removes it from the National Vehicle and Driver File (which means no more motor tax reminders).


Useful things to know about scrapping your vehicle

All Recycling Facilities in the ELVES Network are permitted scrapyards (officially known as Authorised Treatment Facilities or ATFs). A permitted scrapyard (or ATF) are the only businesses that can issue you with a Certificate of Destruction when you scrap your car. 

Find out more about ATFs and how to identify one

An ATF can issue you a CoD in two ways, an electronic CoD or a paper CoD.

Find out more about a Certificate of Destruction (CoD)

To find out more about the process of recycling an ELV see our Report:

Recycling and Recovery of End-of-Life Vehicles in Ireland


  • You are required by law to desposit your car with a vehicle recycling facility (Authorised Treatment Facility) for recycling.
  • If your car is complete and free of rubbish, a vehicle recycling facility is obliged to take back your car free of charge. There may be a small charge to collect your vehicle.
  • The vehicle recycling facility should issue you with a Certificate of Destruction ending your responsibility for the vehicle.



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