ELVES meets Ireland’s reuse, recycling and recovery targets fourth year in a row

The EPA has released the latest national End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) figures that show Ireland has yet again met the targets for ELV recycling.

ELVES, the producer compliance scheme for ELVs works to ensure the challenging ELV targets of 85% and 95% are met by its Network and the country as a whole and has been doing so successfully since it received approval as the compliance scheme for the sector in 2017. It does this by funding additional recycling of ELV material that would not normally occur. In 2021, Ireland, supported by ELVES, achieved a reuse and recycling rate of 87.8% and an overall combined reuse and recovery rate of 95.7%.

The ELVES Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) Network has met both targets since 2017, while meeting the national targets from 2018 onwards. 2021 was a challenging year for target achievement, with a high volume of ELVs arising. There were 154,365 tonnes of ELV waste, which was an increase of over 18% on 2020. ELVES also achieved this despite the fact that 1 in 3 cars imported into Ireland in 2021 did not financially contribute to their end-of-life management.

In addition to target success, ELVES works to improve the reprocessing of ELVs, by raising awareness about the correct way to scrap a vehicle, promoting its Network of ATFs so the public know where they can take their vehicle for recycling, and highlighting the importance of getting a Certificate of Destruction. ELVES also works on targeted interventions to aid ATFs including the provision of Autogas decommissioning equipment and Air Conditioning gas (F-Gas) removal guidance and training.

To help prepare for the future, ELVES established its Electric ELVES programme to support all ATFs in the management of electric and hybrid vehicle when they reach end-of-life.  The programme provides free collection and recycling of electric vehicle batteries, training for dismantlers, and information provision to all ATFs in Ireland.

To read more about ELVES activities visit www.elves.ie.


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Posted on: Tuesday, 01 August 2023 | By ELVES