ELV Producer Responsibility Organisations and partners from 16 countries deliver feedback on the ELV legislation

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In 2022, an initiative was started to bring together Producer Responsibility Organisations (PROs) and similar partners in Europe. This forum takes place on a voluntary basis as a group of stakeholders with interests in evolving legislation. The main aims are to review the developments of ELV & Batteries Regulations, to discuss the impact of these Regulations on both Producers and PROs, to learn the commonalities of European PROs, to share best practices, and to keep permanent contact with the European Commission’s Directorate General for the Environment.

In Summer 2023, the European Commission drafted a proposal for a new ELV Regulation that heralds major reforms in the field of vehicle production and recycling. The group of ELV PROs and partners from 16 countries in Europe, of which ELVES is a part, used the occasion of the International Automotive Recycling Conference (IARC 2024) to support the proposal and recognise its important potential to improve the collection, treatment and recycling of ELVs.

As the event is also attended by many stakeholders, Febelauto (the Belgian PRO), presented the group’s feedback and suggestions to Aurel Ciobanu-Dordea, Director of Circular Economy at the European Commission’s DG Environment by way of a manifesto. The main points of the feedback were:

-      The activities of illegal treatment operators,

-      The additional dismantling obligations, and

-      Improving administration and work processes, as well as minimising costs.

The PROs and partners from the 16 countries are first and foremost pushing for clear regulations and a workable context.

Posted on: Thursday, 04 July 2024 | By ELVES