ELVES provides free Electric Vehicle Health and Safety Kits to Vehicle Dismantlers

ELVES, the compliance scheme for End-of-Life Vehicles in Ireland, has provided 20 Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs – permitted scrapyards) in the ELVES Network, with electric vehicle (EV) health & safety tool kits worth over €2,000 each. 

All of the sites involved were made eligible for the initiative by having had staff trained in Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Awareness (Level 2 or above) through the Electric ELVES Programme.

The transition to EVs represents a significant change for ATFs as well as the wider vehicle circularity and recycling sector. ATFs are investing in new skills, equipment and processes to adapt to these changes which will ensure the continuance of the valuable service they provide in End-of-Life Vehicle treatment.

To assist ATFs with these changes, ELVES launched the Electric ELVES Programme in 2018. The programme includes the provision of free EV awareness and dismantling training to ATFs, as well as providing a free collection and recycling service for EV batteries. To date, over 190 ATF staff have been trained under the programme.

To complement the support provided by the programme, this year ELVES will provide trained ELVES ATFs with EV health & safety tool kits. The kits consist of equipment that allows for the safe dismantling of electric and hybrid vehicles which contain high voltage components. The kits include dielectric safety boots, insulated gloves and tools and high voltage safety signage.

ELVES is the End-of-Life Vehicle compliance scheme in Ireland, a not-for-profit company set up by vehicle manufacturers to help deliver on their obligations under the European Union (End-of Life Vehicles) Regulations. ELVES mission is to improve the processing of scrap cars and vans and to help Ireland meet the 95% reuse, recycling and recovery rates for these vehicles. Operating as the compliance scheme since 2017, ELVES supports and promotes a network of over 65 ATFs around the country. The Electric ELVES programme is accessible free of charge to all ATFs in the Republic of Ireland.

For further information on the programme visit www.ElectricELVES.ie.

Photos: ATFs in the ELVES Network with their EV Safety kit. L-R: N2 Auto Salvage, Oriel Auto Specialists Ltd, Patrick Skelton Car Dismantlers, McNamara Car Dismantlers & AutoTowing Ltd.

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Posted on: Thursday, 14 March 2024 | By ELVES