Motor Dealers

Do you supply new or used cars or light commercial vehicles, previously un-registered, to drivers in the Republic of Ireland?

If so, you have obligations under the ELV Regulations. ELVES is accepting membership applications from undertakings that manufacture (new) and/ or supply (used) specified vehicles (M1 & N1) to the first consumer (the first title holder or driver of the vehicle) in the State.

How to Join ELVES

Please contact Pat Kierans on to find out more, or you can download the 2019 Dealer Application Form here:

Application Form for New ELVES Members:

2019 ELVES Motor Dealer Application Form - New Members

If you are an existing ELVES member and you need to renew your membership for 2019, complete this form:

2019 ELVES Motor Dealer Application Form - Existing Members

Why Join ELVES

  • ELVES is your easy and cost effective compliance option.
  • Registering with ELVES means you don't have to register with the local authorities - saving you time and money.
  • ELVES has a network of ATFs that will cover your compliance.
  • By joining ELVES you are compliant with the ELV Regulations.
  • You get on with the business of selling vehicles.

Back Fees

Back fees will accrue for non-compliant, obligated undertakings joining after 2017 and are non-negotiable. Back fees will not apply for any period where self compliance with the Regulations can be proven.

Under the ELV Regulations importers of vehicles can either join ELVES or self comply under the ELV Regulations. To find out more about self-compliance click here.